Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This was our first Easter as a little family with Rex. It was pretty relaxed. Rexy was having a temper tantrum in the morning, so we ended up missing church. I was kind of disappointed about that, but we went to my parents' house for Easter dinner and Rex was a happy little camper by the time afternoon rolled around.

The Easter bunny came early in the morning and dropped off baskets for all of us.

Since Rex doesn't eat candy yet his only had a few things in it. My personal favorite is a T-Rex egg that Nick spotted while we were out shopping. It had a new binkie in it this Easter, but we plan to keep it and make sure Rex gets it each year.

Dinner with my family was spectacular. We had ham, asparagus and mushrooms, funeral potatoes, and orange rolls for dinner. My mom also made a salted caramel banana cream pie with a peanut butter crust and salted peanuts on top. It was exactly as decadent and delicious as it sounds.

My parents surprised us with an Easter egg hunt in their backyard. There were some pretty awesome prizes to be had. Each of us got a metallic egg (these had cash inside) and a bunny head egg with a surprise gift certificate inside. The big money metallic egg had $50 inside; my brother got that one. The rotten egg had 1000 rupees in it. That's right. Indian rupees. I got that one.

Luckily my dad was the Money Changer. He informed me that at the current exchange rate, 1000 rupees equals just less than $20. He rounded up and gave me an even $20. I think my parents had a good laugh watching my disappointed face before I realized I was getting usable cash (sometimes I wish I were a little better at controlling my facial expressions!). It was a great surprise and so fun and generous of my parents.

It was a really fun, happy Easter and it made me look forward to how our holidays are going to be a little different from now on. Even though Rex was still too young to be excited about his basket (or even to know what it was), it still brings back some of the magic to have a child in our home. Do you think it's too early to start planning Christmas?


  1. I love money eggs! I had never heard of those until Garrett's parents did them but they are amazing. Dammit Sam for getting the good one!! I will admit that when I read that you got 1000 rupees in your egg I got really excited because that is what the money is called in Zelda haha. We miss you guys like crazy already and Tommy misses mauling Rex ;-)

  2. Awesome! Love that you are posting on your blog again, it was really fun to hear more about some of the fun. I also completely agree about the holidays having the magic again with the kiddos. Love you guys so much!